Template of statement for the coroner

Please use this template for reports to the coroner. Please give an objective account of the timeline. Avoid adjectives / adverbs. Do not use abbreviations / acronyms (unless you define them first). The coroner may not be a doctor so be precise but minimise technical language. It is likely that this statement will be read out to the family at the inquest, so keep this in mind. All reports must be reviewed and countersigned by the ICU consultant involved in the case. When complete, please upload to the patient's electronic record. Please send a copy to the GP (in place of a discharge summary). Please email a copy to all the relevant M&M / Speciality leads involved in the patient's care. E.g. for all trauma deaths please email a copy to Aidan Slowie, Lead Nurse for Major Trauma at

coroner's statement template vMay2017.dotx — Zip archive, 128Kb

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