Resources for Current Staff

Please find a limited number of local and internet based resources. They are listed alphabetically. Please send any content requests or comments to Dr Ball via

 Title   Type 
Folder Admission and discharge: Guidelines and forms Folder
Folder Allergy and anaphylaxis Folder
Folder Analgesia, sedation and delirium Folder
Folder Anaesthetic Department Links & Resources Folder
Folder Audit forms Folder
Link Clinibee Link
Folder Bronchoscopy Folder
Folder Cardiovascular and CTICU resources Folder
File CHAOS book version August 2016 File
File Difficult airway passport File
Folder Death - confirmation, certification, cremation and Coronial referral Folder
File East Surrey ICU repatriation referral form File
Folder Ebola Folder
Folder Echo and ultrasound Folder
Folder End of life / palliative care Folder
File Eye care in the ICU (RCOphth & ICS) version April 2020 File
File Free from infection declaration form File
Folder Gastro, liver & nutrition Folder
File GICU fax front sheet File
File GICU headed note paper File
File Glycaemic control - local policy v10 File
Link Grey Book Link
Folder Haematology - transfusion (including CODE RED), TEG, HIT etc Folder
Folder HFOV Folder
Folder iCLIP (Cerner Millennium) Folder
Link ICUsteps - The intensive care patient support charity Link
Folder ICU topic reviews Folder
Folder Infoflex - the database used to book a GICU bed for patients following elective surgery Folder
Folder Intraosseous access EZ-IO Folder
Link Lane Fox Respiratory Unit - referrals Link
Folder Legal and ethical including death certification and the coronial service, duty of candour, deprivation of liberty, etc Folder
Link Library @SGUL Link
Folder Local Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures (LocSSIPs) Folder
Folder Local policies and procedures Folder
File Long term ICU patient pro-forma File
Link Medical Equipment Documents Link
Folder Microbiology and Antimicrobial Pharmacology Folder
Folder Morbidity, mortality, readmissions and referrals - M&M&R&R Folder
Folder Neuro critical care topics AND Neuro ICU resources Folder
Link Neurosurgery referrals Link
File Neurological examination of critically ill patients File
File Opthalmology (Moorfields at St George's) inpatient referral form File
Folder Organ donation (including brainstem death testing) Folder
Folder Pathology Folder
Folder Pharmacy Resources including electronic Prescribing & Medicines Administration (ePMA) Folder
Link PICU (St George's) guidelines Link
Folder Post cardiac arrest Folder
File Putney - Royal Hospital for Neurodisability - referral form File
Link Record of Death Form version 15 July 2016 Link
Folder Rehabilitation during and after a critical illness Folder
Folder Renal - acute kidney injury and renal replacement therapy Folder
Folder Research Folder
Folder Respiratory Physiotherapy Folder
Folder Sleep Folder
Link St George's Trust polices and standard operating procedures web page (policy hub) Link
Folder Frailty, chronic multiple organ dysfunction and death Folder
File St Thomas's ECMO referral information and form File
Folder Toxicology Folder
Folder Trauma Folder
Folder Treatment escalation plans (TEP) Folder
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