Training and trainers

We run basic echocardiography teaching every Tuesday from 3-5pm on GICU. The two hours of teaching is divided between a session using the HeartWorks simulator and a session doing bedside hands on training. Everyone who is interested and would like to get basic experience in transthoracic echo (TTE) is very welcome. Those who are collecting cases for their FICE logbook should be able to get at least one case signed off per session.


On a monthly basis, we run case-based discussions presenting clinical scenarios where our bedside echocardiography made an important contribution to the patient management. Please submit case details to


The ICU echo trainers are:

Nick Fletcher - CTICU consultant & FICE course director:

Jonathan Ball - GICU consultant & FICE mentor:

Vanessa Elliot - GICU consultant & FICE mentor:

Jon Aaron - GICU consultant & FICE mentor:

Orsolya Miskolci - GICU consultant:

Sue Wright – Cardiac anaesthetic consultant and Clinical Advisor to HeartWorks:

Richard Fisher – senior ICM trainee and FICE mentor:

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