Infoflex - the database used to book a GICU bed for patients following elective surgery

Surgical teams who have identified an elective patient requiring level 2 or 3 post-operative care on General Intensive Care Unit (GICU), can now make a bed request electronically using Infoflex once this decision is made. From Thursday 30th April 2015 clinical teams will be able to access Infoflex on all trust VDIs to request an elective bed on GICU rather than having to come to GICU with the paper form to request a bed. This should enable them to give the unit as much notice as possible and help GICU manage the elective workload. Teams will still need to come to the unit and check bed availability on the day of surgery.

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File Elective booking form v7 22 April 2015 File
File Paperless Requesting of Elective Beds on the General Intensive Care Unit (GICU) - using Infoflex v5 File
File Quick user guide for GICU staff File
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