Neuro critical care topics AND Neuro ICU resources

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Link Abbreviated Westmead Post Traumatic Amnesia Scale (A-WPTAS) inc. GCS Link
Link Abnormal movements in critical care patients with brain injury: a diagnostic approach Link
Link Brain Physics in 30 short lectures Link
Link Center for Outcome Measurement in Brain Injury (COMBI) Link
Link Coma and Disorders of Consciousness research centre Link
File Coma recovery scale - revised version 2004 File
File Disorders of conciousness infographic File
Link EEGpedia Link
File Glasgow Outcome Scale (GOS) and Extended Glasgow Outcome Scale (eGOS) File
Link Hypersalivation Link
Link ICM+ Link
Link IMPACT: International Mission for Prognosis and Analysis of Clinical Trials in TBI Link
File Johns Hopkins Adapted Cognitive Exam File
Link Longitudinal assessments highlight long-term behavioural recovery in disorders of consciousness Link
File Management of refractory status epilepticus - review File
File Moving into the wide clinical spectrum of consciousness disorders: Pearls, perils and pitfalls File
Link Neurological examination of critically ill patients Link
Link Neuro ICU's own website Link
File Neuro ICU guidelines version April 2020 File
File Neuro ICU MSc module - 2011 File
Link Neuroptics pupillometry Link
Link Protecting the brain from long term damage Link
Link RCP Prolonged disorders of consciousness: national clinical guidelines Dec 2013 Link
File The two cardinal components of consciousness File
Link Traumatic brain injury (TBI) outcome prediction calculator (CRASH) Link
Link what-when-how. In Depth Tutorials and Information. Neuroanaesthesia and Neurointensive Care Link
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