GICU is an active research unit. We have a team of 5 research nurses delivering a portfolio of NIHR and Commercial studies both observational and interventional. Details of the studies we are currently recruiting to are posted on the Research notice board outside the staff room. Patients that are enrolled into interventional studies may, in addition to our usual standards of care, be treated according to a strict research protocol. We ask that you stringently adhere to these protocols. If you need advice regarding a protocol, need to break a protocol or unblind a patient please do not hesitate to contact the Research Team. In daylight hours, one of the team is available on the unit. A rota with individual's contact details is posted on the Research notice board. Out of hours, try the person rostered in the first instance, followed by the principal investigator. Please always inform and involve the on-call consultant if there are any problems related to patients enrolled in interventional research studies. Enrolled patients often require additional clinical and laboratory assessments. The Research team may request your assistance in ensuring these are performed / ordered and documented. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Essential information related to all actively recruiting interventional trials should be available in the folders below.


Alpha 2 agonists for sedation to produce better outcomes from critical illness: A randomised, parallel-group, allocation concealed, controlled, open, phase 3 pragmatic clinical and cost- effectiveness trial with internal pilot

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